Our coarse fishing gravel pit is positioned on the West side of the site and on the right hand side as you drive in, this water is approx. 2.5 acre and has been left as traditional deep water gravel pit. The Pit has a shallow a bay at the Eastern end, reed fringed margins on all sides, gravel bars and shelves that tumble down into the depths so half an hour plumbing around the swim is time well spent to find these features, and asking the owner is always good place to start.

For many years, and prior to us buying the site in 2016 only 20% of the Pits bank side could be accessed and fished safely and just 6 pegs on the whole lake. Having recently purchased additional land behind the south bank the second phase of major works has opened up this bank and the approach road bank generating a further 17 pegs on this water. In addition to this work all existing timber platforms were removed and re-built in clay with timber frontage so every angler will be sat on solid ground close to the water.

The north bank including the far end of The Pit is being been left as a dense woodland and wildlife habitat and inaccessible to anglers so regardless of the Pit peg you settle into no one will be fishing on opposite bank.

The average depth of water at one rod length out is around 12-14 feet, the middle of the pit averages around 22-25 feet and in remote areas the depths plummet down to beyond 40 feet and part of the long term works programme is to map and record lake bottom and features.

The Pits known residence include Carp into the high 20s, Tench exceeding 9lb, double figure Bream and Pike past the 20lb mark . There is a good head of Roach, Rudd, large Perch, occasional Golden Tench and even a Wels Catfish, a Chubb and a Sturgeon has put in an appearance.

Re-stocking in April 2016 introduced a further 324 Common and Scaley Mirror Carp in the 3-5lb range and additional 124 No. Green Tench to 5lb bolster the existing stocks. The pits mainstay is the extensive head of the bream that inhabit the water and 100lb + bags of fish are commonplace during the summer months taken on feeder, pole and float methods.

The Clay Pool and The Gravel Pit – Coarse Angling Regulations

Fishing times – 07:30 until 21:00 latest and not past dusk.
Winter Fishing times (Oct – March) – 08:30 until dusk

The measures below are in place for the safety and welfare of the fish and apply to everyone fishing or visiting the site-NO EXCEPTIONS. If you won’t comply, you can’t fish. No fishing after dark. Site gates are locked at night and will not re-open until 07:30. Anyone caught fishing on site after dark will detained for poaching.
Anyone seen or caught moving fish, stealing fish, killing or deliberately injuring fish, (including use of live bait) will be prevented from leaving site until the police arrive. Anglers are asked to report such activity immediately by calling 07912 677302.


  1. Maximum 2 rods per person and anglers must have a current EA rod license.
  2. Strictly one angler per peg – unless an angler is accompanying a child that is fishing.
  3. Each child angler 15 or under must be accompanied by experienced adult angler at ALL TIMES.
  4. No litter will be tolerated (including cigarette butts) pegs are inspected each morning and evening. If you find litter left by the previous peg user please report it.
  5. No keep nets, no carp sacks or stocking or fish retention of any kind.
  6. All fish must be returned immediately to the pond they were caught in – do not move fish between ponds. No retaining fish unless instructed to do so by the fishery owner.
  7. Carp anglers or anglers fishing for carp must use a 36” ( 90c m) specimen landing net and is provided.
  8. All anglers must use the unhooking mat provided.
  9. Any fish that are weighed must be in a Starcarr commercial weigh sling.
  10. Do not lay fish on the ground, do not lay nets with a fish in on the ground – put it on the mat provided.
  11. Bait boats are permitted, if these become nuisance permission may be withdrawn.
  12. 1 x Barbless single hooks only per rig – no heavy braid, no fixed/bolt rigs (even with safety release clips), no multiple hook rigs, no treble hooks, no double hooks. Do not leave baited tackle in the water unattended.
  13. No pike fishing, no live baiting, no dead baiting, no spinning or lure fishing of any description.
  14. Fishing distances are half way to the next peg if that peg is occupied or becomes occupied or to the middle of the pool. All pegs are numbered – do not move or remove the peg numbers.
  15. No open cans or tins on the bank, please put tinned baits into bait boxes prior to fishing.
  16. All pegs are numbered – do not move or remove the peg numbers.
  17. Banned baits – tinned cat food or tinned dog food, fake/plastic baits inc. zip rigs. Do not use excessive numbers of surface baits or throw slices of bread into the lake unless it is wet and mashed up to a sinking bait. Do not throw in large lumps of uncut meat into the water and do not discard unused baits onto the banks or bushes – please leave unused bait in the registration hut for others to use or we will feed it to fish in the clay pool.Swan Mussels are in all 3 lakes – do not touch them, disturb them or remove them from the water.
  18. Do not fish close to snags and endanger the fish. If you find a snag please report its location to the manager or bailiff and we will attempt to identify it and remove it.

Download Clay Pool and Gravel Pit rules – updated Feb 2017
Download Health & Safety and Registration – updated Feb 2017