Our Fly fishing gravel pit is positioned on the East side of the site and on the left hand side as you drive down the approach road. This water is approx. 4.5 acre and has been left as traditional deep water gravel pit. The Lake has reed fringed margins on all sides, gravel bars and steep shelves that tumble down into depths exceeding 30 feet.

For many years, and prior to us buying the site in 2016 this lake had been exclusively used as a fly fishing venue and the lake will continue to service the Fly Angler for the largest part. The North bank of this Lake is dense woodland only accessible by boat, the remaining banks had just 11 wooden jetties erected specifically for the fly anglers and over the Autumn months of 2016 all of these timber structures have been dismantled and replaced with solid clay hardstanding and large areas flattened off for safe access. We also opened up new areas on the South bank in the dense woodland areas and steep banks to gain access to areas that had never been bank fished before. The lake now boasts a total of 20 good pegs with good access and no more steep steps to negotiate.

The average depth of water at one rod length out is around 12-16 feet, the middle of the pit averages around 22-25 feet and in remote areas the depths plummet down to beyond 30 feet. Part of the long term works programme is to map and record lake bottom and underwater features.

The Lake had been systematically re-stocked with Rainbow, Brown, Blues and Golden Trout over the past two decades and will be re-stocked in Spring 2017. The lake has never been coarse fished but known Lake residence include big Carp into the 20s, a good head of beautiful Golden Tench, and quality Roach and Rudd that can be seen dimpling every evening during summer. The fly fishermen tell tales of large perch taken on fly lures along with monster pike smashing into hooked trout is a glimpse of what lies beneath the surface.

The Trout Lake – Fly Fishing Rules

Fishing times – 07:30 until 21:00 latest and not past dusk.

There are 5 life ring stations around the Fly Lake – KNOW THEIR LOCATIONS.
The measures below are in place for the safety and welfare of the fish and apply to everyone fishing or visiting the site – NO EXCEPTIONS.
No fishing after dark. Site gates are locked at night and will not re-open until 07:30.
Anyone caught fishing on site after dark will detained for poaching.
Anyone seen or caught moving fish, stealing fish, killing or deliberately injuring fish, (including use of live bait) will be prevented from leaving site until the police arrive. Anglers are asked to report such activity immediately by calling 07912 677302.


  1. Maximum 1 line in the water at any time, the angler must have EA current licence.
  2. Strictly one angler per peg – unless under tuition or accompanying a child that is fishing.
  3. Each child angler 15 or under must be accompanied by experienced adult angler at ALL TIMES.
  4. No litter will be tolerated (including cigarette butts) pegs are inspected each morning and evening. If you find litter left by the previous peg user please report it.
  5. No keep nets or live fish retention of any kind.
  6. Fish must be dispatched or returned immediately in accordance with the catch and release ticket purchased. By signing in you agree to the Starcarr Lakes stop and search policy. Anyone caught taking more fish than the purchased ticket allows will be permanently banned from site and maybe subject to prosecution.
  7. Do not occupy the same peg for more than 1 hour, there are 20 pegs on the lake and a max of 15 anglers on the lake at any one time so please keep moving around the site and give others the opportunity to fish all of the pegs
  8. Do not fish a static fly/lure – keep flies/lures moving to avoid deep hooking and killing fish unnecessarily. Please report anyone fishing static lures/ flies. Report any deep hooked fish – if you think a deep hooked fish will not survive do not return it, dispatch it and report it immediately by message on 07912 677302 and the fish will be collected on the bank.
  9. Do not lay fish that are being returned directly onto the ground or on the floor of the boat. Do not lay nets with a fish in on the ground or floor of the boat. Unhook the fish while suspended in the net or use mats provided.
  10. There will be hook checks made on the bank. Single barbless hooks only, no treble hooks, no double hooks and a maximum of two flies/lures on one rod. Do not use bait on the hooks. Anyone caught using bait on the flies/lures will be asked to leave and will face a ban.
  11. No pike fishing using live or dead baits, no spinning. However, fly lures are permitted.
  12. Please record catches and returns including the appropriate page numbers. This information is important to monitor stock levels and the number of fish removed.
  13. All pegs are numbered, do not move or remove the peg numbers.
  14. Do not fish close to snags and endanger the fish. If you find a snag please report its location to the manager or bailiff and we will attempt to identify it and remove it.
  15. There are overhead power cables along the south bank of the trout lake, these are well above the reach of fly rods but please be aware of them and take notice of the warning signs.
  16. There are some areas along the paths and banks where access paths slope down to the pegs. Whilst efforts have been made to keep ground flat always be aware of any uneven ground.
  17. Fly anglers boat fishing must read and adhere to the boat specific site rules.

Download Fly Lake rules as PDF – updated Feb 2017
Download Boat Safety and Boating Rules – updated Feb 2017
Download Health & Safety and Registration – updated Feb 2017